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Simon Purdue Joins as Solutions Architect, Spearheading Business Systems Enhancement

24 May, 2023

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    Hythe Group is thrilled to welcome Simon Purdue as Solutions Architect for a six-month placement. Simon brings a wealth of experience and expertise, having previously worked at BAE Systems for over a decade. In his role, Simon will focus on optimising the functional aspects of the business by developing efficient systems and processes. We sat down with Simon to discuss his role, expectations, and goals during his time at Hythe.

    Understanding the Role of a Solutions Architect

    As a Solutions Architect, Simon’s primary responsibility is to gain a comprehensive understanding of how Hythe operates and translate that knowledge into a set of requirements for various new business applications. His journey began with an Initial Assessment and Discovery phase, during which he delved into the existing systems, data, and their utilisation in the company’s processes. Based on this, Simon will formulate user and business requirements, which will be presented to carefully chosen vendors capable of meeting Hythe’s specific needs.

    Motivation to Join Hythe

    Simon’s decision to join Hythe was fueled by the exciting challenge he saw in helping the organisation enhance its systems through better integration. His extensive experience at BAE Systems equipped him with valuable insights that could be applied at Hythe Group. 

    Expectations and Goals for the Placement

    Simon’s primary objective over the next six months is to provide the necessary discovery and requirements documentation for Group Head of IT and Telecommunications, David Thackray and Hythe’s leadership team, to identify the systems that require replacement and integration. Rather than reinventing the wheel, he aims to leverage existing knowledge and maintain a clear view of the master data. These initial months will primarily revolve around discovery and requirements gathering, with subsequent months focusing on the implementation of new solutions.

    A Typical Day in the Role

    Currently, Simon spends his days engaging with various stakeholders across the organisation, gathering information and building a comprehensive picture of the applications, systems, data, and processes. As his tenure progresses, he will conduct deeper dives into specific processes by meeting with different teams within the business.

    Passion for the Industry

    Simon’s interest in the field of technology and computing, coupled with a desire to assist others, sparked his initial fascination with the industry. With almost three decades of experience in IT, he has transitioned from resolving technical issues to exploring ways to optimise technology utilisation in business environments.

    Background and Preparation

    Simon’s early years in IT, particularly his role as a support technician, laid a strong foundation for his current position. Understanding how computers function and communicate with each other provided him with valuable insights into information flow within a business. His familiarity with a wide range of applications and their interoperability allows him to effectively assess Hythe’s existing infrastructure and propose future improvements.

    Life Beyond Work

    When he’s not spending quality time with his family and unwinding in the garden, Simon indulges in his passion for cycling: commuting to and from work, enjoying weekend rides, and participating in occasional competitions. 

    Welcome to Hythe Group

    Hythe Group is delighted to have Simon on board as the Solutions Architect, tasked with streamlining and enhancing the organisation’s systems and processes. With his wealth of experience and passion for technology, Simon is well-positioned to contribute to Hythe’s growth and success. We’re looking forward to the positive impact he will make during his six-month placement.


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