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Hythe Group was created due to the increasing demand for the skills and services of our original company, Hythe Marine Services Ltd., within other industries. The group consists of three companies, Hythe Building Services, Hythe Marine Services and Hythe HOSMU. 

Our team supplies bespoke design and engineering services to a wide range of industries including marine, building, storage and distribution, construction, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and aviation as well as the health and education sectors.

We provide unrivalled quality assurance, exceptional service, turnkey solutions, on time, and within budget.

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Hythe Group has been exceptional in how they have dealt with the various technical challenges and requests for additional resource and technical support, nothing phased you.

David Lennie | Framework Director | Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure Ltd.

Hythe Group - Where it all began

Today, Hythe Group specialise in the provision of premium design and engineering services. The Group operates globally within a variety of industries such as building, commercial, marine as well as the storage and distribution sector. But where did Hythe Group begin?

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